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At Bridgnorth Aluminium we are focussed on maintaining a clean alloy system with our high purity aluminium alloy product range and our internal recycling of process scrap.This specialism lends itself to soft, clean, surface critical, highly conductive aluminium products, which demand high levels of technical understanding.

We are a leading producer of lithographic aluminium strip with a purpose built, state of the art rolling mill and stretch levelling line. As the UK's only manufacturer of lithographic (printing plate) material and one of only three producers in Europe, we have specialised experience in hot and cold aluminium rolling, annealing and levelling. 

As we expand our business and product range, we offer a uniquely specialised set of products for lithographic, packaging and other end use markets. Whether you are looking for defect free surfaces, material free from disruptive inclusions, good conductivity or pinhole free material, we have the solution.

  • Casting
  • Hot Rolling
  • Cold Rolling
  • Heat Treatment
  • Independent
  • Focussed
  • Flexible
  • Competitive
  • Technical Support
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All processes on one site, under one management team and independent from external parties. This is not only our vision, it is an emerging reality.

Over our history we have proven our ability to offer excellent technical support, whether in terms of product development to meet new market requirements or in terms of problem solving. We have invested in our supply chain planning and in our upstream processes to shorten lead times and provide consistent on-time delivery performance.



Our raw material is rolling ingot, sourced from our own cast-house using recycled process scrap and re-melt ingot. We also buy from approved smelters, with whom we have supply chain partnerships.



The slab is hot and cold rolled from a thickness of 620mm down to less than 0.5mm before being trimmed, levelled and degreased. Surface quality is critical at all stages of the process. We then deliver to our customers all around the world.

Printing Plate

Printing Plate

Our customers electrically and chemically treat the coil before cutting it into printing plates. An image is written on the plate through violet or thermal technology by the printer. This image is then transferred to the printed media on the printing press.

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