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Passionate about lithography 

Offset printing is the heart and soul of our business. It’s as simple as that!

At Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd we are passionate about producing perfectly finished flat rolled aluminium lithographic strip because we know that our customers’ reputation depends on the consistent quality of our product, our customers’ image is quite literally in our hands.

We recognise that the competitiveness of the offset printing industry is fundamentally based on short make ready times, fast changeovers between print runs and the highest image quality. For the printing plate this means a consistently flat product for automatic loading into image setters and excellent surface quality for imaging, every time. Of course, we need to do this with low supply chain costs, which in turn mean short lead times and on time deliveries.

Your image in our hands

We are the only European fully integrated producer of lithographic quality strip with all processes on one site under one management team.

We have a totally focussed production facility with expertise through the supply chain from smelters and aluminium casting through our own and our customers’ processes.

In collaboration with our R&D network, both in-house and at our Group laboratories in Athens as well as external parties, and through our technology partnership with UACJ Corporation of Japan we are investing in product and process improvements.

Over the last decade we have continually invested in equipment and upgrades to our processes, all designed to ensure we meet the fast evolving demands of the offset printing market.

Our vision is to be in a position of trust and to be the supplier of choice when it comes to your image.

Surface critical soft alloy specialist

Our processes are designed specifically to serve the requirements of surface critical products. At all stages we take great care to keep the material clean and free from surface blemishes. From the moment the raw material enters our process the image surface is protected through each operational step.

Our raw material is rolling slab, sourced from our own casthouse or from stringently approved cast houses with whom we have partnerships covering all aspects of quality and logistics.

Our first process is hot rolling where we take a rolling slab and roll it to a coil in one process line. Here the surface cleanliness – free from oxide and other foreign particles – and the material’s essential flatness is controlled with sophisticated mill control systems.

The coil is then transferred to our specialised Litho Centre. Here all movements are automated through each of the process steps until final packing. This avoids the risks of damage and debris associated with forklift trucks. Each coil is batch annealed in a fully computerised environment in order to achieve optimum mechanical properties and maximum on-press plate performance.

The next process is cold rolling to the final printing plate thickness. Here the Thin Strip Mill uses the latest technology to control flatness and thickness up to speeds of 1000m/minute. Then the coil is trimmed to the correct width, stretched/levelled and degreased to remove residual rolling oils. This is all done by our finishing line, which incorporates both top and bottom automatic surface inspection equipment whilst the line runs at speeds up to 400m/minute.

Finally, the coil passes through the inspection and packing area. The surface quality is given a visual inspection and dimensional accuracy is checked. The flatness of the material is verified by a flat bed laser measurement system.

Litho alloys

  • AA1050 litho alloy
  • High strength litho alloy

Flatness tolerance

General Specification:

Maximum wave height in edge, centre or quarter position is 2 mm.

Maximum 4 waves per metre

Specific requirements for flatness tolerance can be discussed.

Dimension Options

Dimension Options
  Standard Range (mm) Tolerance (mm)
Thickness 0.14 to 0.5 ± 0.0075
Width 700 to 1610 ± 0.5
Dimension Options
Coil Weight 5.6 to 6.0 kg per mm of width
Outer Diameter 1800 mm max
Inner Diameter 406 mm, 507 mm
Coils can be supplied either full weight as above or cut to half coils on request

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