Electrical Strip - Transformer Windings

Independent, Focussed, Flexible, Competitive

All processes on one site, under one management team and fully independent.

This is not only our vision, it is an emerging reality. Through ongoing investments, Bridgnorth Aluminium is building a truly independent position in Northern Europe as a provider of flat rolled aluminium coils in soft, clean alloys.

We are demonstrating our commitment to be a flexible, efficient and cost competitive supplier for the long term.

Clean Alloys

At Bridgnorth Aluminium we are focussed on maintaining a clean alloy system with our high purity aluminium alloy product range and our internal recycling of process scrap.

This specialism lends itself to soft, clean, surface critical, highly conductive aluminium products, which demand high levels of technical understanding.

As we expand our business and product range, we offer a uniquely specialised set of products for electrical applications.

If you are looking for clean alloys in narrow strip format with good conductivity, supplied from an efficient logistics platform, we have the solution.

Casting, Hot and Cold Rolling, Heat Treatment, Multi-slitting

We continue to invest in widening our capabilities to offer tailored solutions to meet your requirements in specialised, clean alloys. We understand that short lead times, on time deliveries and high quality are critical to your business and our ability to offer these requirements as a fully independent aluminium supplier is an important differentiator.

We have increased our rolling slab casting capacity, giving us much greater independence from external smelters. This secures our upstream supply chain, both in terms of volume and intellectual property.

We offer the full range of aluminium production, from casting, hot and cold rolling, heat treatment steps and multi-slitting.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Transformer Windings / Narrow Strip Electrical Products

Over our history we have proven our ability to offer excellent technical support, whether in terms of product development to meet new market requirements or in terms of problem solving. We have invested in our supply chain planning and in our upstream processes to shorten lead times and provide consistent on-time delivery performance.

We are applying the knowledge and experience from over 20 years in the lithographic business and more than 50 years in foil packaging to new market segments.

Our investment in further downstream processing capabilities establishes Bridgnorth Aluminium as a committed partner for transformer windings and other narrow strip electrical products.

Logistics Platform

We understand that transformer coil and the electrical products market requires a strong logistics platform. The variety of product formats, small lot quantities and custom manufacturing requirements of transformer producers means we have to respond quickly to supply a wide range of aluminium coils in the shortest possible lead time.

This is why we work in partnership with our customers to fully understand their needs and to build a truly responsive logistics platform.


In collaboration with our R&D network, both in-house and at our Group laboratories in Athens as well as external parties, and through our technology partnership with Furukawa Sky Aluminium we are investing in product and process improvements.

Our quality starts with casting in own cast house, where we have developed clean routes over many years, to support the most demanding applications. Rolling slab is produced for hot rolling into a coil in a single production line. The configuration of the process with a cold quench of the hot plate and cold rolling in line results in efficient production of a master coil direct from slab.
This master coil is then rolled to final gauge on our cold mills prior to being trimmed and multi-slit to the final product width on our finishing line.

We have annealing furnaces in the event that a heat treatment process step is required for your product.

Our entire management process is controlled and assured to ISO 9001:2008 standards and our environmental and safety management systems comply with ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.

Dimension Options

Electrical Alloys
AA1050 AA1060
AA1070 AA1350
Others available on request
Dimension Options
  Standard Range (mm)
Thickness 0.22 to 2.5
Width 40 to 1650
Material Properties
Electrical Conductivity   59 to 62% IACS
  34.0 to 36.0 MS/m
Mechanical Properties EN 485-2
  H0 to H19 temper on request
Finishing Options
Edge rounding
Edge trimming
Interleaving paper

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